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Barbana Lipizzans
Peternel Janez and Nina, Globoko 2a , SI-4240 Radovljica, Slovenia
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News archive

Donacija konja 2009

V marcu smo fundaciji Nazaj na konja podarili enega svojih boljših konj 367 Favory Barbana. S tem smo hoteli pokazati razumrvanje za vedno večje potrebe otrok in mladostnikov s posebnimi potrebami po stiku s tem plemenitim bitjem. Lipicanec je še posebno primeren konj za opravljanje terapij, saj kot nam je povedala hipoterapevtka Metka Demšar je beli konj še posebno primeren, saj ga ti otroci bolje spremljajo, hkrati pa mora konj stoodstotno sodelovati, ubogati vodnika in hkrati prenašati terapevta ter varovanca na hrbtu.


Lipicanec je znan po svojem dobrem karatkterju in dobrim sodelovanju s svojim lastnikom. Konja sta prevzela Alexander Saša Goljevšek in Metka Demšar, zraven pa je prišel tudi mali Nejc, ki je z veseljem sprejel svojega konja, ki ga bo prihodnje lahko jezdil.
Več o fundaciji Nazaj na konja: http://www.nakonju.si/


Art Exhibition 2008

The third year in a row we enriched our activities with a photo and art exhibition. This time, we could admire works of Maja Finec, Milan Malovrh and Mrs. Ropret. With bonfire and torches, which surrounded the yard, we added to the Christmas spirit. As good hosts we did not forget about the catering and prepared homemade hot spiced wine, traditional Slovene greavescake and cooked stomach.
During the speeches we showed a video with sequences of carriage competitions, in which members of the Slovenian Association of Breeders of the Lipizzaner participated. After the formal part of the evening, the guests could admire the artworks which were exhibited in our stable at the walls of the stalls. Like this the guests could marvel at our snowwhite horses as well.
In our tack room, Maja Finec, also a member of the Association of Breeders of the Lipizzaner, and Mrs. Ropret exhibited their paintings.


Janez gave some artworks as a present to Boštjan Brinjovc, Vrhovnik Robert, Igor Ujčič and Jože Podlipnik to thank them for helping him achieve his ambitions.
With organizing this exhibition we wanted to encourage social gatherings and exchange of ideas of Lipizzaner breeders, since we know that only with collaboration we can achieve excellence in private breeding of the Lipizzaner in Slovenia.


Lipica -CAN- Carriage Competition 2.-4.10.2008

The stud farm Lipica has organized a carriage competition with international participation for singles and pairs like it did already last year. On the main competition grounds you could admire carriages from not only Slovenia but also Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Romania.
On day 1 there was a dressage competition, on day 2 a marathon competition and on day 3 the drivers had to complete a cones course. The competition was organized as CAN-A and CAN-B.
This year Janez participated in the show, as well. For the first time he took 4 horses at once to a competition. He himself participated with 233 Lipica IV and 211 Betalka XXVII in the CAN-B competitions. His trainer and friend, experienced driver Boštjan Brinjovc from Mozirje, showed Neapolitano Slavina XIX and 178 Slavina XXI in the more difficult CAN-A competitions.

Janez Peternel with Lipica and Betalka

On the first day, Janez wasn´t that successful. In the dressage competition he came in forth. On the second day the marathon competition was on the agenda. Janez completed the obstacle course without mistakes and was the fastest of all and thus won the competition. On day 3 he could place second in the cone competition. This meant place 2 in the overall competition.

Boštjan Brinjovc with Slavina and Neapolitano Slavina

Since the competition was at the same time the Slovenian Championship, we could determine Mitja Mohorčič as best driver, second Slovenian driver is Miha Tavčar and third Boštjan with Slavina and N. Slavina!
On Sunday, the stud Lipica organized an open day. In the great riding arena we presented our carriages in a big carriage quadrille along with other excellent drivers from the Association of Lipizzaner Breeders of Slovenia. Other highlighta of the programme were: a marching band, Hungarian Csikos-riders, the big quadrille of Lipica, the herd and stallions of Lipica, a speech of the managing director of Lipica Mr. Matjaž Pust and many more.



Magazine Horses Slovenija

In March the first issue of the magazine HORSES (all about equitation) was released. The chief editor and publisher Sibil Slejko says, that the first issue attracted a lot of interest. S Slejko wishes to show the whole scale and diversity of the beautiful world of equitation in a professional and qualitative way, both to enthusiasts and admirers. “ Above all I wish to show the effort and dedication, which Slovenian horse enthusiasts invest in the field of equitation, and emphasize that they can be very successful with what they do.” (S. Slejko, magazine HORSES)

We cooperated with the editor for the July/August issue and did a photo shooting with Sibil for the article “A lot more than just riding boots”. In front of the hotel Grad Podvin we posed with our Victorian carriage together with a model wearing riding boots of De Niro Boot Co.



CSIO Lipica 2008

World Cup Jumping Competition and Slovenian National Championship Jump and Drive.

After 28 years an elite of riders gathered on the renewed competition grounds, which considers jumping their chosen discipline rather that dressage. Competitors from 13 nations with together 233 horses attended the international show. To make the show even more interesting for both competitors and spectators, the organizational committee set up a small national jump and drive competition, which we attended, just before the Grand Prix of Slovenia.

First the riders had to complete a show-jumping course then jump off the horse and onto a carriage, which waited for them on the other side of the jumping arena. Together with the driver they had to complete an obstacle course.
First Janez drove together with his rider and horses Betalka and Lipica, then our friend and trainer Boštjan Brinjovc drove our horses Neapolitano Slavina and Slavina. The speed and skillfulness of both riders and drivers was accompanied by the spectators with loud cheers, which added along with the sunshine to the well-being of all.


Day of the Lipizzaner in Bled 2008

Like every year the Association of Lipizzaner Breeders of Slovenia (ZRLS) in cooperation with the Stud Lipica and the regional municipalities, celebrated the 19th of May, when in 1580 Carinthian Archduke Carl II bought the stud farm Lipica from the bishop of Triest and it thus became Slovenian property.

This year the Lipizzaners presented themselves in an arena close to the shores of lake Bled. In an almost 3 hour show they conjured up a fairytale in white.
We represented our stud with a marathon carriage and horses 178 Slavina XXIX and her brother 286 Neapolitano Slavina XIX, and a Victorian carriage drawn by 211 Betalka XXVII and 233 Lipica V.

Other presentations included members of the Association of Lipizzaner Breeders of Slovenia, the police unit of Slovenia, a trio of the Slovenian Army, foreign guests and a four-in-hand of the stud Lipica and many more.
After the show all participants formed a parade on the promenade of lake Bled.



Visit of Friends

This year we again had the honor to welcome two of our friends and proud owners of our horses Stefanie Mrodzinsky and Bettina Rutzen. Of course they brought several pictures of their loved horses with them.

At this point we would like here to thank them again for their presents, pictures and encouraging words. And this is what we breeders want most: satisfied buyers!

Ob tem bi se jima zahvalili za darila, slike in veliko spodbudnih besed.
To je največ kar si lahko rejci želimo.Zadovoljni kupci!



Prešeren Day Kranj 2008

On this cultural holiday we honor our greatest writer Dr. France Prešeren, who spent the last years of his life in Kranj, where he died on February 8th 1849. The memory of him is very alive in Kranj though. For a couple of years now, the Tourism Board of Kranj celebrates the holiday of Prešeren with a fair. This year´s programme was full of cultural events: recitations, folkloric groups and theater representations, festival of street organs, carriage rides, presentations of old costumes and many more. The streets were full of people enjoying the memory of old days in beautiful sunshine.



Championship of Carriage Pairs 2008

This year we decided for the first time to show our horses at a competition of carriage pairs. At the first competition close to Ljubljana we were third in the discipline of obstacle driving.


Santa Claus in Piran 2007

During Christmas season we drove Santa Claus and his assistants in our carriage through Piran. The carriage was drawn by two new mares we bought in september 2007: Betakla and Lipica. We drove Santa Claus between the towns Piran and Portoroz so he could give many sweets to all good children.



Exhibition “Lipizzans for all eyes” 2007

In december we organized an art exibition with pictures and photographs by member of the Lipizzan Breeding Association Maja Finec, photographer Milan Malovrh and artist Polona Šarc. At this occasion we opened our new stable for four horses.


Horse Races Brdo September 2007

Of course, we did not compete with our horses, but we drove guest and sponsors in our carriage during the festive part of the event. With our marathon carriage together with some other breeders, we represented the Slovenian Association of Breeders of the Lipizzaner. Under the reins of Janez Peternel and his co-driver Leon Šparovc, Slavina and Neapolitano Slavina excellently presented themselves to the audience of horse lovers.



Picnic in the Radovna Valley 2007

Lipizzaner horses unite us

To spice up the summer days, we organized on August 15th a picnic with carriages from Globoko and around to the beautiful Radovna valley in the Triglav National Park. The idea as born on a beautiful summer day as we thought, that as Lipizzaner breeders we should meet more often, not only on formal breeding events and on the day of the Lipizzaner. We wished for an informal meeting of friends where we could exchange some thoughts and advise.

The string of carriages was formed by Robert Vrhovnik and Boštjan Brinjovec with the mares L 211 Betalka XXVII and 233 Lipica IV., Miha and his father Janez Tavcar from Povirje with the young stallions Siglavy Capriola and Siglavy Slavina, and of course the organizer himself , Janez Peternel, with the horses 178 Slavina XXI and her brother 286 Neapolitano Slavina XIX, as well as other horse friends.

The excursion started in Globoko and lead us to Bled on sideways. On the way to the Radovna valley we had several stops. In the Radovna valley green pastures awaited the horses and a nice lunch the drivers and we enjoyed the beautiful Sunday together.

Forever Young Lads
Radovljica August 2007 

In front of the string of carriages was our baroque lady Angelika Pristov with mare Monteaura.



Day of the Lipizzaner 2007

On May 20th this year's Day of the Lipizzaner was celebrated – organised by the Association of Breeders of the Lipizzaner of Slovenia and the Stud Lipica.

We took part with 3 horses. The first highlight was a Pas de Deux performed by Angelika Pristov with mare Monteaura and Janez Peternel with mare Slavina – both dressed in baroque robes. Later Janez Peternel presented Slavina and her brother Neapolitano Slavina in front of the Victoria carriage.


Finally, Janez Peternel drove a chaise drawn by Monteaura.

We drove the Slovenian presidential candidate 2007

In April we drove the Slovenian presidential candidate Jože Andreaš together with Don Corleone through the town Radovljica.


Buying of Neapolitano Slavina in the Stud Lipica

In April 2007 we bought the brother of Slavina Neapolitano Slavina in the Stud Lipica. We decided in favor of N. Slavina, because he gets along well with his sister and you can hardly tell one from another at first sight. They are a great team in front of the carriage and on the pastures. We already presented them at the Day of the Lipizzaner in Brdo.

Consecration of Horses Gorje 2007 (Saint George's Day)

In April we attended the traditional Saint George's procession in Gorje with 2 horses. This year it was somehow different as Angelika Pristov with Monteaura and Janez Peternel with Slavina were both dressed in elegant baroque robes.



Sold Horses to Poland 2007


The new year began successfully for us: We sold 2 young stallions, our 408 M. Barbana and 416 M. Monteaura of breeder Dežman to Poland. The horses will later be trained to drive.

We are happy that our horses are appreciated by foreign buyers and will keep up the high quality of our breeding to satisfy their needs.


St. Stephen's Procession
Žirovnica 2006

We attended the St. Stephen's procession in Žirovnica with our mares Barbana II, Monteaura and Slavina. Despite this year's lack of snow, both horses and riders (Kaja Pohar, Maruša Ježek and Teja Strainar) enjoyed the day.



Art Exhibition of Polona Šarc 2006

This time we presented the Lipizzaner in a different way: at the exhibition of artist Polona Šarc. The vernissage took place on december 29th at our stud farm. The exhibition is open every day during usual working ours of the stable. The pictures are also for sale..

Christmas Carriage in Portorož 2006

In cooperation with the Portorož Tourist Board we drove Santa Claus in our carriage between Portorož and Piran during the Christmas holidays. Especially the children were exited: Santa Claus brought them chocolate and candy. But it was also a nice surprice for the locals and all guests.

Carriage Driving Course 06

On 26.11.2006 Janez took part in a carriage driving course in Lipica. The course contained the basics of the Achenbach system – in theory and practice. The course was held by Prof. Franz Ellendorff, trainer at the German FN and holder of the international training license.


Shooting for a TV Commercial
in Ljubljana 06

At the beginnig of october we took part in the shooting for a TV commercial for a Slovenian mobile phone provider with our Lipizzaner mare 178 Slavina XXI.

For us as breeders it was a special challenge. Slavina has presented herself excellently in her new role. The director was excited and booked us for the shooting of another commercial, which can be currently seen on Slovenian television.

Procession for St. George Gorje 06

On the 23rd of April we rode
to Gorje - to consecrate our horses at the St. George procession.

We took part in the procession with our carriage (Monteaura and Slavina), the stallion 367 Favory Barbana and the thoroughbred Get Boy.


Shooting for a TV Commercial in Ljubljana 06


Amid the centre of Ljubljana, the capital
city of Slovenia, we took part in the
shooting for a TV commercial.

Our Lipizzaner mare Slavina loved the camera,
although she is more used to drawing a carriage.


Day of the Lipizzaner 06 Lipica

Day of the Lipizzaner and Days of the Open Door Lipica 2006.

We came to this event with our Victoria carriage, drawn by Monteaura and Slavina, and our Marathon carriage, drawn by Slavina. Our stallion 367 Favory Barbana was presented under saddle.


Day of the Lipizzaner 05


Events on the Day of the Lipizzaner on 22.5.2006 in Bled

The 435 – year- anniversary of the stud farm Lipica was celebrated at the Day of the Lipizzaner
on 22nd of May 2005.d


 We attended the event with 3 breeding mares Barbana 11, 223 Barbana II and 196 Barbana under saddle
in a short quadrille.
After the presentations all participating Lipizzaner formed a procession around the lake of Bled.


St. Stephen's Procession 05


Like every year we attended the St. Stephan's procession on 25th of december 2005.
In Slovenia the St. Stephen's procession is organized in many villages. St. Stephen is the patron saint of the horses. In 2005 we attended the procession with our wooden carriage, drawn by Slavina and Monteaura, in Žirovnica.




 Opening of the New Stables 

Mid of August we opened our renovated stables with 7 modern stalls.At this occasion we also presented our new Victoria carriage to our guests. Our guests could go on a short carriage drive and then enjoy the live music, food and drinks.5

Among the speakers, who support us, was the mayor of Radovljica Mr. Janko Stušek, the late former director of the state stud Lipica Mr. Rajko Vojtkovszky, the chairman of the Serbian Horse Club Valjevo Mr. Ljubiša Aleksič and many more.



Festive Day of the Parish Mošnje 2004

End of July 2004 we took part in the 850-year celebrations of the parish Mošnje.

In a procession we rode around the church with 3 of our mares.




Peternel Janez and Nina
Globoko 2a , 4240 Radovljica, Slovenia

00386 (0) 41-312-326 - Nina